Tradfri Gateway Update corrupts lightbulbs functioning

I’m using the Tradfri gateway as the interface between Homey and the Tradfri lightbulbs. This works fine except that now and then the Tradfri gateway gets an FW update and all the lightbulb stop functioning. If I then I open the Tradfri App on my phone it looks like it is waiting for me to confirm that the update has been done and after confirming it all functions fine again.

Does anybody recognize this? Any suggestions on solving it?
I don’t think I can stop the Tradfri gateway from getting automatic updates nor can I think of something that automatically confirms that the update has been done on the Gateway

you can block the update server or the complete homesmart.ikea server with the router .

and complete

the app can be normal used on wifi , and from outside you can use homekit if apple / or use VPN connection to your router and app,
or use the homey app , dashboard or …

for the url use ony one star at beginning and end , the forum uses stars for highlighting text cursive ,… so delete the word here :wink:

Thanks for the tip.
I’ll try it