Tradfri & homey


Is there anyone else having problems with the TRÅDFRI lights last days? They are not responding to homey but still can get controlled by the Tradfri app. I reinstalled the TRÅDFRI gateway app and it worked for 1 day, now i get the error again.

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It works for me. Does your gateway have a fixed IP-address? Also, do you use the Hue app for Homey as well?

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your reply, i’m not sure about the fixed ip and don’ know how to check it. I don’t have the hue app installed

Fixed IP is something that you need to configure in your router. But it’s not even related to that. Typically, in situations where you get unexpected errors, it helps to pull the plug (remove the power cable from Homey) for 10 minutes or so.

I just tried to remove the power cable for 10 minutes but unfortunately it didn’t fix my problem

In that case, I don’t know what’s wrong :frowning:

I just changed all the settings in the gateway app, it looks like it works now, Thanks for your help!

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Sometimes it also helps to do a power cycle of the IKEA Tradfri hub!