After homey update, all Tradfri devices are temporarily unavailable

I updated my homey from 10.0.7 to 10.0.9 and now my six tradfri devices show a spinning cursor and the flows don’t work anymore. In the web app I get the message “temporarily unavailable”.
When trying to add a new tradfri device, I found this strange page in the tradfri app:

All device types have a spinning cursor, so I can’t select a device to add.

Is there a way to repair this without re-pairing them?

It’s things like this that give me update-anxiety but i guess i am even more afraid of allowing my homey to become part of a criminal botnet.

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This is quite normal after updates, usually fixed by a PTP

Hi Buis and welcome!

After a firmware update it takes a certain amount of time for all apps and other programs to load. A rotating circle is then usually displayed in the device tiles.

– Wait a bit longer
– Restart the IKEA app
– Restart Homey via PTP (Pull the Plug)

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Thank you @robertklep and @DirkG! PTP did the trick. Unexpected that PTP leads to a different result than a “gracious” restart of Homey via the app.
Happy that I did not need to go and collect all my devices and rewrite all the related flows.

Certain components can hold it’s power for a while, after the power supply has been removed; pulling the plug for several minutes makes sure they don’t anymore, and Homey starts ‘fresh’ for real when plugged in again.

Please contact Support, when you’re that uncertain of Homey’s security.