Trådfri E14 bulb buzzing

Bought two IKEA Trådfri E14 600 lumen white spectrum bulbs today.
I had no issue pairing them to my Hue hub and add and control with Homey but both bulbs are making a buzzing noice when turns off by the app (Homey and/or Hue). Doses anyone have a fix for this or more information regarding this irritating buzzing?

Seems to be a common issue with these bulbs:ådfri_bulbs_making_noise/

Make sure they are not connected to a physical dimmer (even if you only keep it at 100%), but if they aren’t, there’s not much you can do apart from bringing back the bulbs and buying something else.

No dimmers installed. I have to bring them back to IKEA. I have e-mailed them also. Will be interesting to see if they answer and what the answer will be.
What’s a bit strange is that it seems like (what I’ve read) the buzzing only affects the E14 bulb, not the E27 or G10…

I have about 10 E27’s and a LED driver, those don’t make any sound.

I will get one E27 when returning the two E14 today. Too bad regarding the E14 bulbs, because at 9€ they are priced good.

Could it be a grounding issue? Does the bulb stop buzzing when you touch it? I had this issue with a GU10 spot, I made it touch the lamp’s fixture. Buzzing went away.

It’s not a grounding issue. If I put one of my Hue E14 in the same lamp it’s dead silent. Unfortunately Philips Hue only got candle E14 bulb and I need round ones in these two lamps.

It could be that the IKEA bulbs is more susceptible to buzz in certain situations, though.

Tried 4 different lamps in 3 different outlets where one is in the garage with different fuse box. Same result…
That combine with exactly the same reports on Internet, I blame the bulbs. :slight_smile:

I just returned the two E14 white bulbs. When I was at IKEA I listened to the white E14 bulb in the store showroom and that one made the same buzz when turning off the light. I listened to all the other models as well and they where dead silent so I picked up two E14 RGB and one white E27.
All works fine and are silent.

But I don’t seem to be able to adjust the color of the IKEA bulbs from Homey in the Hue app. It’s no biggie since we only want one color (that I set from the Hue app) and dim the light which works.