IKEA Trådfree and Philips HUE dimmer switch... peculiar issue :)

I have three IKEA bulbs (TRADFRI bulb E14 WS opal 400lm) in a lamp. I control them (and others) using a Philips HUE dimmer switch.
When I press the ON button I use the app State Control to trigger an event, which in turn runs a flow that sets a scene based on som flux values I get from sensors.

All is well.
Until yesterday. Suddenly one of the bulbs stopped responding to any signal coming from the remote. However, when I repeatedly click the ON on the remote this one odd bulb start to switch between bulb built-in(?) scenes. These look very familiar to those you find when using the IKEA gateway and app. Now, I don’t use any gateways besides Homey anymore (none is powered on).
Where does this info about the scenes come from? The bulbs them selves? Is this a thing that is known, but I missed out on? Can we use this feature for some good? :slight_smile: