Ikea Tradfri remote question


I’m experimenting with a Ikea Tradfri remote, can it control non-ikea devices. Well no problem connecting to other zigbee devices. Unfortunally it seems it can’t control non-ikea color lamp. Anyone has this working?

Just trying a INNR Ledstrip and color (e27) bulb. All functions work except scrolling through colors. Has this to do with a special, ikea only, command? Firmware issue somewhere?



Which remote specifically?

The E1810 (round white/grey one)

I have its parent, the E1524, which doesn’t seem to support color at all (at least not with the firmware that it’s running, but it seems there’s a newer firmware), so I can’t check myself, but it seems there are different ways of “passing” color between Zigbee devices (CIE x/y, Hue/Sat, color temperature), and it sounds like the remote is using one way and your lights are using another.

The E1810 does not support changing scenes right now. Possibly (I still want to/have to test myself) it may be possible to do a firmware update on the remote with the Ikea hub (don’t have one yet). Then connect the remote to the Hue hub and the functions may work.

It’s not scenes but RGB… or is the principal the same?