IKEA remote E1810 - working but controls several rooms


I have used the IKEA Trådfri gateway included in Homey. But as usual the gateway looses connection with the bulbs and i find it time consuming to change the batteries e in the remotes when needing to include it in the gateway every time.

So today I decided to try to have the GU10 led bulbs and the E1810 remotes in Homey. This works, and I also connected the remotes to the bulbs within that room. The problem is that any of the 3 remotes controlls all lightbulbs in all of the 3 rooms. Not exactly a great function…
Want the remote to control the lights in that room, not the adjacent sent rooms… Any ideas?

Thanks, Arnfinn

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same here

@lirand, thanks, I saw you’re post and translated it.
Looks like we have the same problem. Tomorrow I will try again, but this time I will try to get the bulbs in Homey and with a connection with between bulbs and remote. Having the remotes in Homey would have been nice, but is less essential…

hi @Arnfinn_Gilberg, if the lightbulb is connected to Homey and the remote control is not, then when pairing the lightbulb is removed from Homey and connected to the remote control. I’ve already tested that. As I understand it, the lightbulb and remote must be connected to Homey before pairing them with each other.

Hi @lirand . Ok, but that was how I did it last night. But then every remote controlled all the bulbs…

@Arnfinn_Gilberg and @lirand
Are you guys on v5 of Homey?
Cos I had some troubles with IKEA stuff as well, so might be a general glich in the Matrix?

I have 4 gu10 in a trackspot and they did not want to do what I told them. Seemed to live a life on their own.
I ended up buying the gateway, and now they are grouped there, connected to Homey via the gateway app and the e1524 connected via the stand-alone app.
And then I have set scenes in the IKEA gateway that is activated. Another funny thing is that I can’t make it do two scenes at once. I have to have a two second delay in between or else it just does the first scene.

Exactly that is my problem. I want to keep the lightbulbs in Homey as a repeater and control them directly with the remote control.

I have the v5. But I don’t want an additional hub. Maybe you are right that the Trädfri app is guilty. As soon as a new version of the app comes out, I will try pairing with the remote control again.



Yes i hav v5 and I already uses the IKEA Trådfri hub. But I want to add the IKEA items (50 ish units) directly into Homey. Like @lirand I want to have one strong zigbee network…

But for now I think I go back to using the IKEA hub…

Does anyone know if the ikea E1810 remote now works with Homey without controlling all Ikea lights?