How to pair IKEA Remote E1810 to Homey?

Does anyone have advice on how to connect a IKEA Remote E1810 to the Homey?

The IKEA app has shortcomings for this device. Ive tried to pair it as a Homey->Zigbee device and it is recognized as an Unknown device, but it doesnt respond to a simple on-off.

I may pair it it directly to a bulb (Phillips Hue or IKEA), but when turning the bulb off with the remote (and thus turning the light of) is not recognized as off in the Homey devices overview.

Any help or insight in the matter would be much appreciated!

Wait for firmware v5 to become stable.

How would a remote respond to an on-off signal?

Which Homey Firmware do you have?
Which App version do you have?

The remote control is supported in the beta version v1.8.2 of the App. In the stable version v1.6.3 the remote control is not supported.
But the beta version of the app (v1.8.2) is only supported with the Homey Beta FW v5 and higher.

Thanks! Ill have a look into fw v5.
And, a remote is turned on and off when its state follows in the network so that I can build flows on it :slight_smile:

Be aware that it’s still experimental, don’t install it unless you are 100% certain that you want to live with the consequences.

A remote cannot receive on/off signals, it can only send them. To Homey, it’s a stateless button

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Thanks for responting!
Homey fw 4.2.0
Ikea app 1.6.3
Ill look into enroling in the beta programs. Anyway its good to know that good things will come!

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ok. Thanks! Ill keep this in mind.