Support for Ikea Tradfri E1524 remote

I have a Homey, and just bought some Ikea Tradfri parts: E27 full color lamp, E14 dimmable lamp and power switch, and also a E1524 remote, so the basic remote version.

For some unknown reason this remote device is not supported in the Homey Ikea app.A rotating dimmer remote is supported however.

It would be very convenient to use the Ikea E1524 remote to control the Ikea lights, but also through flows control my KNX devices. One control for all. It is a fairly cheap remote and it is easy to add 1 or 2 to trigger flows.

  1. So why is the standard remote not included in the Ikea app?

  2. Is there a technical reason for it?

  3. I believe it is a Homey app, who is responsible and maintains the app? What is the correct place to request new app features?

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  1. You should ask the devolper of the app.

  2. You should ask that also to the devolper.

  3. All apps at the Homey app store are Homey apps, otherwise they wont be at the appstore :wink:

Also 3. If you would have a look at the ikea app you already see who the devolper is… in this case Athom self.

And also 3. If you would have use the search option, you would have found this form

I believe there’s a technical reason for it, although I’m not quite sure what. There’s an open issue for it on Github: (about a year old, based on another issue about two years old).

@RoyW - I did see it is an Athom app, I did search but did not find the request form. Which probably would not have helped anyway…

The GitHub link provides some background and from my understanding indicates the Ikea E1524 does not behave according expected Zigbee protocol, therefore it is difficult/impossible to use its signals as input for the app.

So I guess that is a dead end then, unfortunately. I wil have to look for another remote option for Homey such as KlikAanKlikUit of RobbSmart or something like that.

Of course first the difficult pairing of the bulbs to Homey. Lot of this stuff is still in its childrens shoes clearly.

Anyone know of a remote controller that works with Homey and Ikea Tradfri and has same functionality: on-off-dimming-color adjust?

I am looking at the Trust Zigbee controller now, but need to figure out if it works with Homey and if signals can be used to control the Tradfri bulbs. I guess through flows.

The E1524 is Zigbee-certified, although only recently:

deCONZ has had support for them for a while now.


Is there any news about this yet? Would like to use this controller with my Homey.



Curious as to what status of this matter is? I’ve recently added a few of theese remotes to my system, only to find that they are paperweights as of now :frowning:
I’ve filled out the request form to add it as a supported item…

Regards Ole

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I also have a few of the 5 button really would like to use them in homey

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Please make also a request at athom, the more the better. No garanties, it could also be that its needed the rewrite of zigbee

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Consider it done :slight_smile:


It does.

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