Trådfri led transformer - resetting and adding

Anyone got any tips for me here? Seems I cannot reset the darned thing. My GU10 and E27 (?) devices were easy, but not this one.

From the IKEA manual:

Thanks. I was looking for a hole like that, but couldn’t see it anywhere. Guess I’ll need my head lamp and go back and look again.

While we’re at it - do you know if this remote is supported by Homey? Didn’t look like it was in the list, but figured I’d ask just in case.

Short answer: no it’s not.

Long answer: maybe it will be in the future when the long awaited Zigbee rewrite by Homey is done. In the meantime, you can use it if you use the IKEA Tradfri hub with the corresponding Homey app instead of the native IKEA app, however only to control IKEA lights, not as a trigger for anything else

Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of. I’m moving all my Ikea stuff out of the Ikea bridge as it’s slow AF and it keeps going offline. Most of the time I control the LEDs from flows, but I think I have a qubino switch I can use as a remote.


P.S. Found the reset hole. Just needed 1200lm of direct light :stuck_out_tongue: