TRADFRI Driver 30W reliabillity


Just wondering which experience other people have with the TRADFRI Driver 30W reliabillity wise.

I am using 2 of these in my home. I got three now which suddenly stopped working and aren’t responding anymore to any input anymore within a year. Ikea replaced them as part of their guarantee.

Is it just me or aren’t these drivers that reliable?


I’ve had two of them, one for 3 years and another one for about a year, never had any issues with them (but I don’t use them with Homey).

I have one for about 4 years now and no issues.

As an update.

I took the drivers to my brother in law. He could add and operate the drivers from his homey 2019 version.

Afterwards i could add and operate the drivers again from my homey kickstarter version.

Seems to be a software issue?

Homey’s don’t update Firmware on these IKEA Trådfri devices,
Look more like a Reset issue. (more time powerless, or a extra Reset using the pinhole.)