Toddler Sleep Detection

Hi all

Have any of you used a sleep mat for toddler sleep detection or do you have any other bright ideas?

Our 3 year old has recently transitioned to a bed from a cot and has become somewhat of a ninja at getting out of bed quietly and sneaking around the house.

I am looking to create a flow which detects when he is out of bed and then plays an alert in our bedroom / around the house to alert us / wake us up if needed.

I have thought about using motion sensors but suspect we may end up with some false positives which could be a problem.

Interested to hear any bright ideas!

Many thanks

May-be some idea from thread Reddit - Dive into anything ( google: “home automation sensor mat”)
I remember, that some time ago seen such mats also as products in HA-shops ( now quick search with negative results )

Also, there are some talks about microwave sensors . Actually they seems promising in words - in practice, may-be someone with hands-on experience may help. I personally just heard about them - not even deep-digged into manuals.

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No experience, but with this mmWave sensor you can setup zones in a room.

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@Undertaker described the usage of a binary sensor with a car seat recognition, but he had a different usecase for his tinkering. :rofl: :rofl:

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Thank you!

I am going to look at those and see if I can make them work. At the moment I’ve rigged up a temporary solution using a motion sensor but it can certainly be improved :laughing:

A doorsensor would take care of that part Also possible with the sensor in the url from Amazon.