Sensor to detect sound

I am looking for some sensor to detect sound.

When the baby starts crying while I’m asleep at night, I want to turn the lights on in my bedroom.

Any suggestions?

Eufy cam (detect crying) or Netatmo weather stations (measure noise)

I wouldn’t recommend netatmo for the reason of detecting a baby crying, even though it does have a sound measuring, the value only gets updated every 5 minutes, so if the baby starts crying 30 seconds after the last update, you won’t know it for 4,5 minutes long.

Is it the case even for the 2nd generation? But you are right, for baby crying not a good idea :slight_smile:

FWIW, Amazon devices have a service that detects a baby crying. I have several and just checked my very old echo and not quite as old dot (the pill box shape) both support that feature.

You can also ‘drop in’ on those devices to hear what’s happening.

Not tried it but if you have one spare or can get hold of one cheap (Amazon was selling the old-style dots for around £20 recently) that could be a (relatively) inexpensive and flexible option.

Amazon devices can trigger Homey flows via Amazon’s Homey skill.


Other idea:

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Maybe this could work?

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