Some flow questions

Hi All,

I’m struggling with some flows and was wondering if any of you got something similar to work.

  1. Keep lights on while I’m in here
    I have a motion sensor (Aeonlabs Multisensor 6) and a light connected to a dimmer (Fibaro Dimmer). I would like the light to go on and remain on while I’m still in the room, but can’t get this to work. I tried setting the lights “on” on “Motion detection on” and off on “Motion detection off” (don’t know if those are indeed the english events, I’m on the dutch version and it’s “De bewegingsmelder gaan aan” and “De bewegingsmelder gaat uit”. But that does not work, the lights stay on most of the time. After that I tried setting the lights on on motion detection with automatic off after 3 minutes, hoping that while I’m in the room the motion detection would send new “on” events, but this also switches of the lights while I’m there and it takes a while before it turns it on again. No stable solution found yet.

  2. Stream music from NAS
    I have a rather large music collection on my NAS and a lot of Google Home devices throughout the house. I can ask those devices to play something from Spotify or start a radio station on ITune, but I don’t seem to be able to play anything from my network. Using IFTTT I can get an event from the google Mini, so I can respond to “Play playlist X from my NAS”, but the chromecast can only play a http location, not a network location. I did try sharing all of my MP3 as a website, exposing them as http and that kind of works, but it works per MP3 file and for this to be functional you want to start playlists or request an album etc.

  3. Respond to high enery usage
    I’ve got a P1 cable connected to my smart enery meter on a Domoticz that is running on a Raspberry PI. It allows me to register the energy and gas consumptions. I did find an article to post those values to Homey, but that found that this was hurting Homey performance a lot (it probably got way too much requests). Now I’d actually only want to trigger Homey if the power consumption gets higher that what I configured so I can trigger something on that.

Any help would be appreciated :grinning:

Hi @Cuflee

The first question is asked several times on the forum, and with that also answerd many times, So if you would have use the search… your find topics like this one

Dont know

Gues you want do something with the logic part, so in that case a few seconds search give me this…

I Hope its helping you

Thanks for your quick and helpfull reply Roy. And sorry that I did forget to mention that I did try the countdown method as well. It has the same issue as with responding to the “Motion detector off” event, it does not always seem to fire and results in lights staying on. That is what I hoped to solve by setting them to go off always as soon as they go on, but that failed as well. I do see that I have some parameters to play with on the motion detector for the “off” event, i’ll try the countdown feature combined with some other values again.

I’ve had the DOmoticz communicate to Homey as well with the logic variables, but it was getting overloaded by them and I could not figure out how to have DOmoticz only sent the variable after a certain thresshold. I’m thinking about abandoning the entire Domoticz and giving the Plugwise a try, it has a direct and supported plugin for Homey.