Flow lights -> sound

  • I tried making a flow: if X light is turned on it will play a playlist on X room. Does not work.

  • I tried making a flow: If aktivity in the sone, then turn light on. Does not work.

Anyone else experience this? or is it something I am doing wrong?

That’s not a lot of information you’re providing. Please share your flows.


If I dim this light, it should play the playlist discover weekly in my sonos speaker in the kitchen.
Does not work.

When its 6 O`clock and weekday → turn on switch → push notification → timeline. Does not work.

If motion detected, and the time is between 06 and 1900 → Turn on light x and y. Does not work.

Did you test this flow by changing the dim-level via slider?
If yes the problem is, that the flow is to often triggered and it deactivated itself to protect Homey.
I tested it with “Lights is turned on” and it works like it should.

This flow works also as it should:

And this flow works also as it should:

Please check, if the flows are enabled.
I have no other idea what the problem could be related to, but you could try to restart Homey.

I tested it with dimming in the hue app, dimming on the main switch and dimming on a controller.
None of them works.

Hmm… Il try reset the homey and see if that makes any changes.

Restart did not help.

As I have already tried to explain. When dimming a lamp manually (what you did), many commands can be sent until the desired dimming level is set. Each of these commands, which means a change of the dimming level, triggers the flow. And because there are too many commands in too short time, the flow will be deactivated.
But that’s just my personal guess. I’m not a programmer.

These following flows work, by the way. Why? Because the dim level is set directly (1 time) to a fixed value.

Flow 1

Flow 2