Eve Motion sensor

I got one of these Eve Motion Sensors (Eve Motion | evehome.com).

Works great for motion detection (or as well as can be expected. It’s not MMWave, but it works).

Problem I am having is with the lux sensor. I want it to turn on my light when the motion sensor is tripped AND it’s less than X lux in the room, but I can’t get that part to work.

I can see the lux reading change if I look at the device properties, but it doesn’t turn on the light like this.

Any suggestions?

WHEN the zone became active AND luminance is less then 100lx THEN turn on

The “AND” part is done using a Logic card and the luminance tag:


I don’t have a lux number for that card :frowning:

Testing on enabling/disabling the whole flow based on lux seems to be working so far…

See here:

Your screenshot is showing tags for a completely different device. Have you searched for the motion sensor?

I was looking at the wrong thing. Your way is simpler. Thanks :slight_smile:

Here’s how I like to build these kinds of flows

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