Sensing Light


Forgive me if this is a simple answer, but I’m stuck.
I have a standalone light sensor (KAKU), and I tried to use this in a room, e.g.
When it is dark, and movement is detected then turn on the light.
When it is light then and movement is detected turn off the light.
And here is the crux, when the light goes on, the light sensor turns of the light as it is bright enough.
It senses the light level of course, is there a way to solve this?
I can’t let it depend on sunrise, as the room is not always bright enough.

Cheers, Frank

You need to think the other way around.
When motion is detected and it’s dark, turn on the light.
When motion detection is cancelled, turn light off.
Also you just need to add the light condition card Is off to the flow, which turns the light on.

Here is an example with an additional timer:

A bit easier is to use the “Zone activity” flow cards:

But it must be ensured that only the motion sensor activates the zone.