Anyone using Eve Home Matter/Thread sensors (Motion and Door/Window) with HP2023?

I’m considering buying Eve Home sensors (I have a Eve Home Water Guard that has been rock-solid, but doesn’t support Matter) to connect to Homey Pro 2023 (I have Apple TV 4K for the thread-network until Homey Pro starts supporting that).

Has anyone experience from this and can say how well, if at all, it works? Having been burnt a bit on the state of Zigbee (Aqara) I thought I would ask before buying sensors this time…

Curious did you buy / integrate the Eve Home sensors? I can’t find an Eve App but they should integrate with Matter OK I think.
Interested in where you got to.


No, not yet at least. I ended up trying some other Zigbee sensors (Cleverio) which seems to work well and was about a third of the price of the Eve sensors.

also would be intereseted if the Eve Motion Sensor (already) works with Home Pro 2023 (natively via Matter)

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Can you please share the link to your pir sensors? Looking to buy a few that are supported by homey pro. Cheers

Sure, it’s this from a Nordic retailer.

I tried eve motion. After 30 tries to connect one motion sensor I succeeded…the second one is not connectable. So homey doesn’t work properly with matter and eve

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