Use (Elgato) Eve products? (via HomeKit?)

I would like to use my (previously Elgato) Eve Energy and Eve Room (the old model) in Homey (as sensors for Insights), but I cannot find an App for that.

Both (Bluetooth) devices are HomeKit compatible and I have an Apple TV 4 running as HomeKit Hub.

Would it be possible to use them in Homey using HomeKit as a workaround?

(I think the Homey HomeKit Apps are for “exporting” devices to HomeKit, not for “importing” them into Homey?)


I have the Eve Aqua as well and would like support for it. Bought it a year ago. I see on their site that it has Matter support but I am not sure if this applies to the older version of the device or not. I assume that if a device has Matter support then it can be controlled with Homey?

From what I can see, it’s not one of the supported device types:

I just found this article… I have the 2nd Gen Eve Aqua . It supports thread

Homey doesn’t.

Ohhh… okay. I am not understanding this Matter and Thread stuff then. I thought this Thread and Matter stuff was the all great thing, guess not… maybe the future :slight_smile:

So: Homey currently supports Matter. However, it doesn’t look like it supports your type of device.

Homey will support Thread, according to Athom in Q4 of this year. But nobody will be able to tell you at this time that your device will be supported then.

Thank you for the clarification, MUCH appreciated. I live in cold climate so don’t need the Eve valve until next summer anyway… 6 months away. Should be good :slight_smile:

Is it for Eve energy not possible to follow a virtual device (via homekitty to homekit and then with apple shortcuts on and off like the virtual device).
And follow the app homekit controller (not yet but in the future….)


I clearly didn’t research this new door stop I bought called Homey Bridge.

I don’t feel I want to EBay it even…

Going in the Bin, useless …

Sorry all but I bought this specifically to bridge Eve Aqua and Apple Home and then HACS.

Hmmm. Agree.

Does it imply anywhere that Homey Bridge supports HomeBridge or HACS? These are local Ethernet based services that Homey Bridge does not support as it is essentially cloud based (apart from ZWave/Zigbee). Not actually sure what HACS is in this context.