[SOLVED] Eve Energy via Matter in Homey Pro

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Couldn’t find an entry here in the Homey Community Forum regarding Eve Energy Plug integration, but a solution by searching the internet. Maybe this information is useful for other Homey Pro and Eve Energy users.

Could just add an Eve Energy Plug which was already connected in Apple Home (HomeKit).
What was new for me is, that a Matter device, which is already paired in Apple Home, can generate a second pairing code for pairing with Homey Pro in my case.

The following Article does describe how to do this (in German):

Remark: This integration enables the power switching functionality, but NOT the energy monitoring. Unfortunately.

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Guess that is what also is told here:

and Here:

I can’t find back where I read that in the Athom support or Blogs about the Generate a Second pairing Code …

I have Added these EVE Energy (Also without Energy metering for now) using Homey’s own Thread radio in the v10.3.0 - [Experimental] Firmware,


I successfully paired EVE Motion and Eve Door and Windows Sensors, using Matter for the setup on iOS.

Typically, Matter devices are already integrated with HomeKit through/Matter. You can verify this connection in the “Matter” section under Preferences > General > Matter devices.

I managed to establish a connection with both Homey Pro and HomeKit (5180, the assigned node for Homey). You don’t need to remove the device from HomeKit; it can coexist with both platforms. This dual linking capability proves to be usefull for Siri functionalities.

When using Matter, a tip is : Use the Matter integration from Homey to add a new device.

When the Photo Windows prompt appears, avoid using the Scan feature. Instead, click on the yellow sentence at the top (… more options), and all devices from HomeKit will be visible.

You have to add all devices, one by one. But it works very well. I don’t have the EVE Energy. Of course you have to migrate all of your EVE devices to Matter before.

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Also good to read, for what I understand, The Situation on Thread and Matter will be better …

A “section” is currently absent in Homey to consolidate all Matter devices. In a Homey with multiple devices, locating them can be challenging due to the absence of a dedicated application. :wink:

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I don’t understand why you would consolidate different Matter devices,
I put in the Webapp just Matter in the Search to find all Matter connected Devices.

May be not the right word :wink: , it’s when you creat a Flow, Matter devices are note easy to find. There is no Matter section.

Maybe nice if you find other Matter and or Thread devices to work with homey that are not yet widely know to the two lists:

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Ah, I already often use the Zone to find it … :wink:

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Exactly this is explained in the mentioned article from TomsSmarthome and what I did. :blush::+1:t2:

Yes, I was also triggered by this article for the future version 10.3.0. :slight_smile:
Currently I’m still on the official stable version 10.2.1. While researching I found the mentioned TomsSmarthome solution.

Let’s hope, that the stable version from Homey will support Energy metering with Eve Energy in future… That’s definitely a big wish for the future.
In the mean time I’m happy to be able to switch the plug in Homey at least and the metering is accessible in the Eve app till then.