Controlling/getting status from 1) Eve door sensor 2) Eve flare 3) Eve energy via Homey to Google Assistant

I am a newbie to Homey.

Have recently bought a few Google Nest Home Hubs (…screens) but now have to conclude I cannot control nor get the status of several Eve products I already owned for some time (see Title) via those. I know by now Eve is purely Homekit focussed but I really want to be able to see for instance the status of my door/window sensors on my Google Nest Home Hub screen before leaving the house.

Does Homey provide support such that I can control / get the status of all three Eve products listed in the title on my Google Nest Home Hub screen (via Google Assistant)?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

If those products are Homekit-only: no.

Very unfortunate, but anyway thanks for your reply!

is it generally true that Homekit-only products are not supported by Homey. I guess Matter may change it in the future but not for now?

Yes. For that to work, Homey needs to run something called a “HomeKit Controller”, and there isn’t an app available for Homey that provides one.

It very much depends on how both Apple and Athom implement Matter support. If Apple doesn’t provide a HomeKit-to-Matter bridge, or Athom doesn’t provide a Matter client (only a server), it still won’t work. I guess we’ll have to wait for “Q2 2023” before we know.