Elgato eve

I just bought homey wich i want to connect to my eve elgato eve products but i dont know how. Can someone help me?

This device seems to be especially designed for Apple homekit and does not offer any other way to communicate with other third parties as far as I can tell.

You could try the app homekit. If your lucky your device is supported.

That’s not what the Homekit apps for Homey do: they only expose devices already added to Homey to Homekit, not the other way around.

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Aha did not know that. Thx for this info. Hoped it could work for Mitchell.

Thank you all for the quick replay!
I have tried to find the Elgato eve Energy but i could not find it in the homey app, am i doing something wrong?

I can’t find an app for that device or brand in the Athom app store, so it doesn’t seem to be supported at all by Homey.

You may find some information here


As others have mentioned there is a Homey app which allows devices connected to a Homey hub to be accessible via Apple’s HomeKit system. This is the opposite to what you are trying to achieve.

As far as I am aware there is no Homey app to do what you want which is to add HomeKit devices to a Homey hub. However Home-Assistant does have both a HomeKit controller app and a HomeKit client app, in fact it is the only system I have see with the ability to act as a HomeKit client. The relevance of this to you and other Homey users is that it is possible to link a Homey hub to Home-Assistant via MQTT which acts as a bridge between different smart home hub systems.

Therefore if you install MQTT on Homey and setup a Home-Assistant with both HomeKit and MQTT you will be able to access the Elgato (now called Eve Home) devices in Homey.


Obviously it would be easier if someone were to create a HomeKit client app for Homey. Since this has been proven possible on Home-Assistant and one might be able to look at that code a lot of the hard work has already been done.

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Apple Homekit devices still do not seem natively supported nor a reverse plugin has been created by anyone?

You can try it with the matter integration. Check your eve product, if it could be updated.
Infos about eve and matter you can find at this website: Identify your Eve accessory | evehome.com

so the eve plugs where actually updatable to Matter in the Eve app itself (deleted that as i used the Apple Home app) then i found in the Homey app Matter under Homey type devices itself, but when using that i got an error it would only allow version 7.1 of the app, while my app is at 7.0.x. updating the app under Updates section yielded an error.

is it still required to install MQTT? or is that outdated information since it is from 2019.

If you join the test flight (iOS) or beta program (andriod) - you will get access to version 7.2.0 of the application. - Which supports matter.

how long till this is released in the wild?

Athom do not specify when items will released from beta to general availability.

They seem to follow the principal that it is done when it is done and not before.

The purpose of the open beta is to find issues which they are unaware of.


I bought the Eve Weather 2023 , but still no Homey support, its a little disappointing

I think you are in the wrong forum, @Bosuil65 - the Eve weather doesn’t support matter.

You will need to go ask eve why they are being so disappointing by using a closed proprietary approach and only have support for apple on their weather devices.

For everyone else there was an offical announcement for version 7.2 of the app

Version 7.2.0 of the Homey app is currently being rolled out in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Roll-outs are usually done gradually by these platforms, but expect to get dark mode in the coming days.