Motion detection, but not for cat

I have LED strips under the bed and have a motion/luminosity sensor on each side of the bed to turn that side on when we get out of bed and it is still dark in the room.
Now I would like them also to turn on when it is dark and I, or my wife, walk in to the room to get in to bed.
I know how I can do this, but I would like a setup that won’t trigger when our cat walks passed the sensor.

Does anyone have an idea on how I could do this?

Perhaps use a pressure sensor instead of a motion sensor?

That is a possibility. But then I would have to lay sone kind of mat on the ground and I’m pretty sure it won’t pass the waf.

You could use a 3rd motion detector that only covers the bed surface. If someone then gets up or moves, this motion detector is queried in the “and” condition as to whether a movement has been registered. The LED Sripe would only be switched on when both motion detectors registered a movement.

Or use it to determine if the bed got lighter because someone got up from it.

Since you said you wanted it to activate when you or your wife walk into the room, could you perhaps use a separate motion sensor that’s positioned higher up and aimed at the door entrance? Or use a door sensor?

@Cory I was thinking in the direction of a motion sensor only for the door, but than high enough that our cat wouldn’t trigger it. A door sensor wouldn’t work as the door is mostly open.
@Undertaker A third motion sensor may be a good idea, I’ll have to think about it.

Depending on which brand you have, you sometimes can change the sensitivity in the advanced settings, lower the sensitivity so it doesn’t trigger on the cat.