Turning on light when coming home - using smart lock, door sensor, motion sensor etc

My current setup uses Yale smart lock YDD424 and in theory is perfect for my use case, open door with touch pad AND between 7pm to 6am THEN turn on light.

The problem is I find this setup is incrediably unreliable and works only at best 50% of the time. It’s not a zwave coverage issue as I have a aeotec smart switch right next to it and the switch works perfectly. Also other smart triggers like “lock door” work perfectly , just not the trigger for touch pad

I recently started experimenting with the neocool door sensor and it seems to work fine. So I got one more to put on my main door.

But heres the rub, it can only detect if a door is opened, so if I’m going out , it will turn on the light as well.

Anyway around this? Using a combination of smart door locking (which is reliable) and door sensor opening?

I’m using smarter presence.

oh I see your point. only trigger light on if door open and I’m set to away.

Should work, since smarter presence usually only detects me when I’m in the house. And only sets away when I’m disconnected wifi + 15 min.

Main thing is there are 2 of us in the house so I guess I can set light to turn on if nobody in the house which isnt ideal if say I’m in the bedroom but my wife is coming home and opening the door

Do you have multiple movement sensors?

You could make all those individually start a timer ( 30-60 min could do it).
Then on the “turn on light” flow you add “if timer is not running”

You could also have other triggers to make sure you are not at home.
Like if the power to the tv is over a given wattage etc.

I do have 2 motion sensors… Can you give an example?

Why do you need two? I would have thought one pointing at the door from inside would be enough. So if there is no motion, then opening door will turn on the light.

The more the better. For presence.
If you are at home and someone else comes home, then the system knows that someone is already there and wont activate the “coming home” flow.

If i misunderstood and you only need the light in the hallway to turn on, then why not just use the motionsensor there?

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I guess I could, but my aeotec motion sensors seem to work a little slow at first, so I’m not a big fan of motion sensors.

But anyway I am trying door sensor - open + presence (nobody home). It seems to be working fine, since my presence kicks in only after I come into the house.

edit spoke too soon. my presence (based on smart presence wifi) kicks in now before I open the door.