To many 433 mhz commands

Can’t send on/off signals from my homey app to 433 mhz resiever. Homey app says: Sent too many 433 mhz commands!
I have only one resiever connected and it is a light switch.

You have to be more specific:

  • which app?
  • brand/model of receiver
  • does it always happen?
  • does it work again after you reboot Homey?


Hello Goran,

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OK, now you’re back from reading, IF your ‘Homey’ is a Pro 2023, it should be solved:

Didn’t you search for “Sent too many 433 mhz commands”? A solution is mentioned in several topics:

installing recent firmware should solve it, while it should be solved with v v10.0.0-rc.139 quite a while ago: