Support for new motorised blinds IKEA (PRAKTLYSING)

Would love to see support for PRAKTLYSING (motorized blinds from IKEA)
Same principle as the FYRTUR blinds that are already supported on homey but the new blinds PRAKTLYSING are not being recognized yet. It says unknown zigbee device, adds it to the devices, but cant be controlled in any way.
My other blinds FYRTUR work flawless without any problem so it’s a device recognition problem.
Did anyone else manage to get them work?


Without specific support for the device in the IKEA app (which it doesn’t have) it won’t work properly. You can ask the maker of the IKEA app, Athom, to add support:

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It works now with the new app of ikea. I’ve installed the beta and praktlysing works like a charm.