Ikea Fyrtur roller blinds no longer work

Hi all,

I have bought two roller blinds from Ikea (Fyrtur).
I had both of them connected and they were working fine. 3-4 days ago Athom released a new version of their app, and then one of my roller blinds stopped working. I did try to repair, it does, but when i press the close/open buttons it does not react.

Anyone has similar issue?

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I had the same problem with 2 of 2 of my Kadrilj blinds.
Take the battery out, wait a minute and put the battery back in.
It might take a while for the blind to connect to the Zigbee network again, but it worked for me very quickly.

Hi again,

Fantross, thank you for the suggestion. I tried it but it did not solve my problem.

But I think that I have found what the problem is.
Everytime I use the built-in buttons then The connection with Homey breaks.

I have the experimental version installed 5.0 rc 38, maybe it has to do with the beta version.

Anyone has similar problems with the stable version?

Thanks in advance

Meanwhile I have also the firmware 5.0.0-rc.38 and the app test version 1.8.4.
The suggestion with the battery came from Athom and it works for me.

Have you ever checked in Developer if the blinds are connected?

I have a problem with Ikea Fyrtur. During the day, one or the other blind stops responding. Occasionally, the blind will show a Timeout in the application. The only thing that will help is restart Homey. Do you know what it could be? They worked normally for the first week and now it’s awful. I tried to re-pair the blinds, remove the battery for a long time, but nothing helps.

It could be that the blinds lose the connection to Homey or to a repeater. A Homey restart will reorganize the Zigbee network, so it is possible that the roller blinds will work again after a Homey restart.

What Homey Firmware do you use?

Can you make sure that it’s not a connection problem?

Have you ever run the Zigbee Health Test?

What Homey Firmware do you use?

Homey version 5.0.4

Have you ever run the Zigbee Health Test?

Yes both scripts. 49 nodes, 11 routers, 38 end device. One device with bad route, but it is an aqara vibration sensor which is left to be tested at a very great distance from the router.

Last night I restarted the blinds and Homey. All routines went well. The blinds do not respond again this morning.

On the developer page, everything looks fine.


I don’t know what could help anymore. Add another Zigbee router? Or restart the Zigbee network again, which would mean resetting all devices.

I am not an expert on Zigbee, but it all looks good to me.
Maybe another router could solve the problem. Do you have a WallPlug that you can install near the blinds? Just for testing?
Maybe deleting the blinds and adding them again could also help.

Resetting the Zigbee network should also be a good solution but with lot of work. For me this should be the last solution I would trie.