New update 8.0.4 disables ikea app

Since the update 8.0.4 some of my blinds don’t work anymore. It seems a problem for the ones with the older zigbee firmware. But you can’t update this without an ikea bridge. This did work with the older firmware of homey.

I’ve restarted ikea app: no success
I’ve restarted homey: no success

I hope this to be solved soon.
Anyone else having issues with the ikea app ?

My blinds are directly paired to homey without tradfri bridge, and have always been working before the update.

Could it be that it’s because I’ve never updated the blinds as you have to have a ikea bridge for that ?

Some are still on old zigbee firmware as they have the battery low issue as well while they’re fully charged.

Many thanks

Athom should create a support document on their website: “If you notice strange issues after a firmware update, pull the plug.

This happens every time a firmware update is published, some things don’t work anymore for some people, until they PTP.

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I tried resocketing my lights, but they’re still timing out. Both a RGB bulb and the Filament bulb.

I have not taken out the batteries of my (Fyrtur) blinds, as thats a hassle, hoping for some other solution.

Ikea buttons still seem to be functioning fine and so are my other zigbee devices. Just the lights and blinds stopped working after the update.

I guess it wasn’t clear enough that you should pull the plug on Homey.

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I feel dumb now, but it worked, thanks!

For some Ikea devices Homey cannot detect the battery level properly, you can turn off the battery alarm in the advanced settings though.

I did read somehwere that if you upgrade firmware on the blinds this issue has been adressed (for the bad battery level that showed up in some devices.
Problem is that for doing a firmware upgrade it needs to go through the Tradfri gateway bridge.
My setup has been a homey-blinds one (without the gateway) so that’s difficult for doing an upgrade.
Eventually I think I’ll get me a gateway soon. But if you have the gateway it should resolve the battery level issue I’ve read in the the IKEA update notes.

@DJWhacked, Did you manage to solve this problem?
I have the same issue, whenever I restart the Ikea app or restart Homey the Fyrtur blinds no longer responds.
The only option I then have is to remove the blinds from Homey and pair them again. I did not PTP yet. Will try that tonight.

Problem was solved.
I’ve purchased an ikea tradfri bridge and updated the blinds.
Since then all trouble has dissepeared
Nevertheless the only way to update blinds is through a bridge as updating firmware doesn’t work via homey.


Is it possible to buy the Ikea bridge to update the firware of the devices and then make a return of the bridge and reconnect with Homey?

Yes it should.