IKEA FYRTUR Zigbee stops responding

I’ve successfully paired both the bridge that came with the FYRTUR blinds as well as the blinds themselves, but after a while (less than a day) the blinds stop responding.

The bridge responds to ping in the developer tools, but the blinds just result in “Wake up device when pinging, it cannot receive commands when asleep.”.

Anyone know how I can fix this?

I’ve seen references in other place that a firmware update of the blinds would fix this, but from what I can tell Homey does not offer this functionality (OTA updates), and I would need to get an IKEA hub, or set up Zigbee2MQTT with a Zigbee dongle (at which point I’m wondering why I’m using Homey at all…).

I don’t suppose Zigbee2MQTT can run on the Homey (in the Linux sandbox e.g.) itself, to do the OTA updates?

Assuming you’re using the HP2023, and given the many issues with Zigbee devices that stop responding, also for other brands, it seems reasonable to suggest that the Zigbee stack isn’t stable yet.

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What do you mean with bridge? I think you mean the range extender they supply with the blind? If so you don’t necessarily need it, only if you don’t have a lot of mains powered zigbee devices. If my blinds stop working (what they usually do after an update of homey) just press the up or down button on the blind once and after that it works again for 99.9% of the time for me.

Sorry, I meant “router”, not bridge. I was following the instructions when adding Zigbee devices to add powered devices first, so I added the router/extender first. So far the 433 and ZWave range for my Homey has been less than my old Home Assistant setup with dedicated USB adapters, so I figured I would help Homey by having the extender added as well.

Thanks for the tip about pressing a button on the blinds, that seems to have helped. Let’s see if it stays that way :slight_smile:

I am a new user of Homey and I have a similar problem , my 5 Fyrtur lose connection in one day ;-( , previously they were connected to Smartthings and worked without a problem.
It must be some problem with Homej Pro ;-(. Has anyone already found a final solution to this problem ??