Ikea Fyrtur Blinds

4 every new Homey2023 Update (10.0.0-rc.xxx) my Ikea Fyrtur Blinds are not working with Homey 2023…not a big problem 4 me… I just have to operate the 2 build in switches on the blinds… then the Blinds work again with Homey 2023 … in case You people have the same problem (Ikea Fyrtur Blinds are directly imported into Homey 2023)

Correct, that was not a huge problem. now a couple of days, Homey pro 23 does not remember the position of the blinds anymore. Even after disconnecting and re connecting. Anybody an idea how to solve that?

Any help is appreciated!

Mine 3x Fyrtur after the Ikea_app update…turned 180° meaning that they were in down state during day an in up state during night… so I hade 2 make Up 2 DWN in in my Blinds flows…it works now but indication in the android app is still 180° wrong…Blinds are imported directly into Homey 2023

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Same Problem with Homey Pro 2019

I have sinds the last update also problems with the blinds. I have 2019 model no bridge. I have send a mail to Athom.

Yes, once again Homey broke something that was working, and no fix announced. This seems to be homeys current mode of operation “if we can’t charge for it, we don’t really care”, and then there will be a post later where they blame someone else.

I’m removing auto update on all apps now, it’s not worth it, unless we are also given the option to install a previous version.

I guess this is why Homey is not very popular int the mainstream market…