Ikea Fyrtur Blinds

yeah Fyrtur Blinds are directly conneced to Homey Pro 2023…not sure I’ve tryed to reset the app in Homey…maybe I shoud try that next time…I rebooted my Homey Pro 2023 now…no Fyrtur Blinds worked… restarted IKEA app in Homey…no Fyrtur blinds is working…I used the internal UP/DWN switches (must use both) now Fyrtur Blinds Works OK…4 fun I included the “EVA 16amp smartplug” in homey pro 2019… the plug is still working aftere 2 “reboots” of Homey Pro 2019

yes connected directly, restarted Homy and restarted IKEA app. Again nothing

the only way is 2 use the up/dwn buttons on the blind in my case it’s anoying but what can we do…exept not buying IKEA™ blinds

Or use a better Zigbee implementation, like zigbee2mqtt.

thanks for your advice, I didn’t know that zigbee2mqtt is also possible on the Homey. Thanks, this is a good tip, I’ll try it out. Greetings from Tiel

Can zigbee2mqtt run only for the blinds and keep the rest as they are?

I did not try it yet because I’m busy, sorry

So I bought the blinds. I can confirm that they work perfectly with the Ikea Tradfri gateway and the app with the same name. Position works, works after homey restart and also battery reporting is working. Have tested them with Sun events app and it’s working ok.

Till the official integration will work after restart this is a good alternative.

Can someone tell me if it’s possible to pair 2 Fyrtur remotes with 1 Fyrtur blind? We would like to place the remotes on every bed side…

Are U talking about directly 2 IKEA blind…or via Ikea HUB or Via Homey HUB ?

No, i’m talking about 2 Fyrtur remotes for 1 blind… Or maybe 1 Fyrtur remote + Homey. So the concrete question is whether it’s possible to pair a Fyrtur blind with more than 1 remote for getting multiple access.

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