IKEA trådfri lights stopped working

Two days ago I received a notification in my Homey app that the ikea trådfri app received an automatic update to version: 1.19.1 see screenshot below:

However after receiving this update, all my 19 lights stopped working, I can no longer turn my lights on or off via either Homey or google home.
To make matters worse, one spot in the kitchen remains turned on while being un-switchable. He is mocking me…:joy:

Has anyone else experienced this after receiving this update? And does anyone have a fix for this?
Thank you for your time!

Already tried a PtP?

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Thank you for the suggestion Dijker. It seems to have worked. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution!

Next time you could also try just a restart of the ikea app.
That mostly solves my issues when i have an app that doesn’t respond.
Is a lot quicker and anything else keeps working.


Thank you for the suggestion Hugo, I will try this next time! :smiley: