IKEA smart curtain PRAKTLYSING. Controllable by Homey?

I have the IKEA smart curtain PRAKTLYSING. How do I connect it to Homey?

I have installet the " IKEA Trådfri" app. But after that I have no luck.

In the package I received the curtains (up and running with charged batteries), the “Signal repeater” (plugged in the wall) and the “Up/Down Remote Control” (paired with curtain and works).

Which of these three devices should I expect to connect to Homey?


I think you need to install the signal repeater first, then you can install the blind. I have two of these blinds connected to my homey

It works fine all by it self, but I want it smart, I want it connected to Homey Pro. How do I do that?

But hey, thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Select “new device”, then choose ikea trådfri from the brands, then first select the signal repeater. When that has been installed, you repeat the process, but now select the blind you have. It should now be controllable by homey. Then you can go ahead and install the remote. You need to make flows to have the remote control the blind. And also, you need to factory reset the repeater, blind and remote before they are added to homey, but you should get information during the set up from Homey…

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Thank you, Geir, for taking the time spoon feeding me this :slight_smile: I should be able to complete this now! :smile: :+1:

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Just an additional info: If you already have a good Zigbee network with many routers, then there is no need to add the IKEA Signal Repeaters. It doesn’t matter if the PRAKTLYSING blinds connect to the IKEA Signal Repeater, to another router or directly to Homey.

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Now that’s actually great information, fantross. Now I know I have a powered Zigbee device on that floor (that expands the Zigbee mesh). Gr8 stuff!