IKEA Tredansen

Hi all,

Recently I bought 4 IKEA Tredansen blinds and after some trial and error I got it all working in contradiction to various (2019) posts on this:

The blinds work by using the IKEA remote control (icw amplifier) AND Homey, both at the same time. So both wifey and Homey’s friend (me) are happy.

The blinds in Homey have all basic functions. You can open, close or set any position between 0 and 100%. When moving in any direction you can manually stop it by any button (Homey app or RC).

It did NOT work all at once, it looks like a specific order is important. Working accurately from scratch pays off, especially as after resetting it can sometimes (not always) be a pain in the neck to get it working again. Don’t give up. Here’s the drill (that works for me):

  • Mount the blinds in accordance to the IKEA manual.
  • Connect the IKEA remote control in accordance to the manual.
  • Use the manual until you got it working. After resetting (don’t do that just for fun) use the correct order to re-pair components: remote to amplifier first, then remote to blinds. Yes, this may take between 1 and 10 attempts (don’t ask me why…go ask IKEA :-).
  • Test it and be happy.
  • Now add the blinds to Homey.
  • Done!
  • Test it and be happy!

I even added the remote controls to Homey (and even an amplifier), but it seems they have no role. I do monitor the battery in the device list, but I am not sure how reliable that will be.

I hope this is encouraging to consider those products. Let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards, Patrick

I will try it exactly like you described. 1-10 attempts is not realistic; 10-100 seems fair. This is extremely cumbersome, but I am very happy to hear that it does work in the end.

Wish me luck!