Ikea push button

Hi, I’ve installed two Ikea roller blinds (kadrilj - self shortened and curtain fabric changed) and linked to Homey via the Ikea app.
It’s working perfect!!!

A push button and a repeater are supplied with the roller blinds. I don’t see any application for the repeater, but I do see it for the push button.
Because the roller blinds are paired with Homey, the supplied push buttons no longer work.

Can someone give an idea to link the buttons directly to Homey?


They aren’t supported by Homey, probably because Homey’s Zigbee stack doesn’t support these devices. You’ll have to wait for the Great Zigbee Rewrite to finish before they are (hopefully) supported.

Alternatively, you can buy an IKEA Tradfri gateway and pair all your IKEA devices with that instead of with Homey, and use the IKEA Gateway app. You would still not be able to use the remote standalone (it’s not exposed to Homey) but at least you should be able to keep using them directly with your blinds.

Jag lyckas inte att para kadrilj i ikea appen.
Med att växelvis köra upp och ner med knapparna vid motorn.
Däremot kopplades fjärrknappen bort vid försöket
Några tips hur koppla till homey.
Här ser jag en möjlighet att köra ner gardin via flows och en ljussensor när solen lyser starkt

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