Homey with IKEA Trådfri

Hi. I have not bought Homey…yet.
I wonder if its possible to control IKEA´s blinds and lamps with both Homey and IKEA´s remote control and do i need the IKEA gateway or not?

Both is possible when using the ikea gw. With the upcoming rewrite of zigbee it should be possible without too.

Ok, thanks!

Have you actually tested this? Because it would require Homey to be able to set up binding (and possibly grouping) between devices (where the remote is bound to the blinds/lamps). Merely providing support for the remote isn’t enough.

No, have not tested it because, as you know, the firmware has not been released yet. But I do not understand why it should not work. If the button is supported (and it is added to the test app) and you can add the up button to a action, why could it not open the blinds?

But still, the safest bet it just to purchase the gw from ikea, for that i know 100% it works.

Because that is “controlling with Homey”, and it won’t work if Homey is offline, out of range, busy with something else, etc. With the gateway, the remote and the lamps/blinds are bound, meaning that even if the gateway is offline, it would still be possible to control the device with the remote.