Ikea repeater


I have been using the Ikea Fyrtur blinds for a while, without a smarthub, just the curtain, repeater and the remote.

Now i have bought a Homey, and I added the Ikea Repeater to the Homey to use it as a Zigbee repeater for my network. When i did that, my curtains stopped working. When I reset my curtain and added them to the remote and repeater again, the Ikea Signal Repeater says in the homey-app “Device left the Zigbee Network.” What do i do? I want to control the curtain with the remote/repeater, but also use the repeater as an Zigbee repeater through homey

Your devices are creating their own Zigbee network, and since devices can only be part of one network, adding the repeater to Homey’s network automatically means it gets removed from its previous network (and vice versa).

If you just want to use the repeater in Homey’s network, why not buy another one that you can use with Homey? Or instead of a repeater, use a smart plug (which will also act as a repeater).

Was hoping to use my stuff that i already have, and dont buy new stuff. Do you know if this one also works as a repeater? The other one is out of stock in my country…

You can add all your devices to Homey, so they are in the same network. But AFAIK you won’t be able to control the blinds with the remote directly anymore, you have to create flows for that.

Yes, it will.