Sunset effect with LIFX bulps

I have been using IFTTT and LIFX to create a sunset effect. It’s basically a color change to orange over a duration, combined with a dim down to practically zero over the same duration. Works quite well. Now I am trying to get the same effect on Homey and cant really get it to work.

The cards available in the LIFX (LAN) app seem to be very one-sided. I either get the dim down, or the color change. And the color change doesn’t even have duration. I cant figure out how to get that to happen simultaneously with Homey. Any suggestions?

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The [APP] Splines gives you an opportunity to set a curve of values you can apply to e.g. the whitebalance, color or dim value of your light. Two splines with flows to put those splines to use over a time duration should do the trick I guess.

With the build in custom effects editor. It is in closed alpha but you can register. Read up on the forum page about it. I will happily issue an unlock code for it.

Yeah, I added that. Was a bug in the manifest. That kinda slipped past testing :smiley: Will be available with the next update of the app. In fact, I think there is a general bug regarding those autogenerated flowcards regarding the duration setting.

This is fixed in LIFX LAN v1.1.2