Change color of all Lifx lights within a scene to "Blue Ice" preset from Lifx


As the subject I want to change the color of all lights within a lifx scene to a specific Lifx color preset called Blue Ice, within Flows setting white colors don’t seem to work, only colored colors…

At the moment I’m triggering an IFTTT event to do this since it’s possible in IFTTT. Don’t know if the delay gets longer doing it via IFTTT instead of directly from Homey to Lifx, but anyhow it’s quite annoying to have a flow that talks to IFTTT that then talks to Lifx…

So anyone know how to set this up in Homey?

Best Regards
Cisco Osterman

I rewrote the LIFX Lan driver and have in testing at the moment. It might possibly solve you problem too. PM me if you’re interrested in testing.