Lifx delay

Hello !

When I turn on/off lifx bulbs with Homey app (or HomeyDash), it takes like 3 seconds ! I don’t have any delays with LIfx app. Is it possible to reduce it ?

Thank you :slight_smile:


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I tried with different objects with Homey (sonoff, ikea bulb, tado valves,…) and Lifx are the only ones who have got a delay between the moment I press On/Off on Homey app and the moment the light turns on…

Hi @Julien_Moors this is because the Homey app uses the LIFX Cloud to turn on/off the devices, whereas the LIFX app uses the local network protocols on your home network to turn on/off the lights.

There is little that can be done about this, due to the use of the cloud service, as I to have the same issue.

There is this app available, which needs to be manually installed I believe, that uses the local protocol.

I am hoping that Athom will update their app to use the local LAN protocol for LIFX, but I think they are busy (and rightly so) on Homey V2


Hey @Tony_Burn,

Thanks a lot for your answer ! I understand now why it takes that time to switch on/off.

Btw, I’ve tried Lifx Local and it goes wayyyy faster (max 1sec delay) and that’s super great !

As you said, I hope they’ll update Lifx’s app too :slight_smile:

Have a nice day !


Hey @Julien_Moors

With your LIFX lights (RGBW ones), did you find that when you dimmed then down it actually changed the white balance.

Eg, 100% warm white

when dimmed to 50% changed to a cool white ?

Seems to happen on both my bulbs and also the strips.

Yes, it was a known bug in this version of the app.

Hello @Tony_Burn,

Yes same here, when I dimmed them I got a cold white and that’s why I try not using Homey to change colors/dim/… on my lifx bulbs

I only use Lifx Scene that are triggered via Homey. It’s more easy for me to configure. Maybe it will be easier with Homey V2…


Thanks for confirming @Moek & @Julien_Moors

I’ve had a look at the code, and I think there is a problem with the Dim logic, i’m going to have a tweak of the code this week and will report back.

That would be great @Tony_Burn !
Although I appreciate the support for scenes and LIFX Z zones in the current version, the response time always causes my kid and parents in law to press the lights off again before they have a chance to turn on :wink:
Thx for your efforts, eagerly awaiting your findings!

Having a hard time getting Lifx working in flows, sometimes they just dont react…

And jesus the delay…i really hope they fix the app and goes Local on Lifx because the cloud solution now is reeeeeeealy to slow.

Its impossible to use Lifx together with motiontriggers, because you will walk in the dark before the lights turn on…

If the app can do it on local network…why cant Homey…they are on the same network!

The app used to be local, Athom changed that to cloud-based because the local app doesn’t support all devices iirc. I saved the local app in my GH because all devices I have are supported.

Is it possible that somebody could make a LIFX LAN app (with the basic functions). So we can use that one whenever we need a quick reaction of the lights for example when using buttons or motion triggers. And the other app can than be used for the not time critical actions like 30 minutes before sunset.

See above, there’s a link to my Github. There you can download an app which you can install through the CLI:

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How do I instal apps through CLI in Homey v2.0. Or is this still the same?

Perhaps the commands are a bit different, you could take a look at : athom --help in the commandline…
athom app run
athom app install
should be used…

And I should just instal this version of nodejs:
10.15.0 LTS (Recommended For Most Users)

Although it states Download for Linux (x86) and I’m using windows 10

For me it says " Download for Windows (x64)", linux won’t work on windows :slight_smile:

Best version would be the version that runs on homey of course, but not very likely you will use options that are in 10 but not in 8 that homey uses (not sure the exact version)

I managed to install the app on Homey and it is indeed much faster. Now when I use the wall switch which is connected to a kaku transmitter the lamps react within 1 second instead off +5 seconds.

The only thing which could be better is the color of the dot on the tile in the homey smartphone app. This does not always match the actual color of the light.

Yes that’s why I configure settings (color, brightness,…) on lifx app and use “Lifx Scenes” in my Homey’s flows.