Light action duraction in milliseconds?

Is it possible to set the duration for lights that supports durations to turn on, off, dim, color etc for less than 1 second?

I’m specifically trying to get my Hue and Ikea bulbs to turn on with a duration of 400ms to mimic what my Hue hub scenes were set to.

philips hue bridge uses 200ms, but anyway, no it isn’t possible in Homey currently, feel free to send it in as a feature request.

I had custom scenes with All4Hue :slight_smile:

That’s a bummer. I’ll send in a feature request!

Yeah. Actually had a similar issue when implementing my LIFX app. I do think no one really likes hard on/off light cycles. So up until now I have a “global” transition duration set in app settings, which is in ms, that kicks in if no duration was set by any flow card. And that also applies to UI interaction.
So LIFX does support it, even though only indirectly :wink:
That does not help you though, sorry.

philips hue (zigbee app) has the same in every device’s advanced settings, but not sure you can use decimals there :thinking: and is only for the on/off capability.

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This might be the solution to my problem! :smile:
Changing the transition time to 0.5 has the light turning on faster! It affects the settings so changing colors and temperature happens a lot faster too. :smiley:

Edit: Setting it to 0.4 on the Hue bulbs mimics exactly how I had my setup on the Hue. Sadly the Ikea bulbs doesn’t appear to respect this option and my Hue compatible Zigbee dimmers does not have this option at all. Hopefully it’s something that can be implemented by Athom!