Sunset + 30 minutes logic

I am looking for a "sunset + 30 minutes“ logic for turning on my patio lights. Is there a function to delay the sunset?

The sun sets
Turn patio lights on, delayed by 30min

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Or look at

Btw not just for exactly 30 min. afer but also for other options.

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Delay in turning on the lights….

I was thinking too complicated with sunset + 30


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Thanks, „dusk“ is what I am looking for :sunglasses:

Additional, with Sun Events app it’s possible to set a negative offset of max. -60 minutes (besides a max. +60 minutes offset).
That means, an event with an offset of -60 will trigger the flow 60 minutes after the event.

About my delayed flowcard hint:
One big disadvantage of adding long(er) flow action delays is, they’re not “remembered” after a power outage or a Homey reboot while the actual delay ‘flowtimer’ is running.
So the flow got triggered, but it never fires the delayed card without any notification.
For a light that’s not a real issue, but a pump or heater shouldn’t be ‘forgotten’.

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