Minutes before sunset or sunrise


I am using homey and my homey bridge for a couple of weeks now, but I am facing an issue now I have moved my normal lights from Google routine to Homey flow. I like to turn on my lights on x minutes before sunset. This seems not possible, since I am only allowed to input a positive integer as the minutes parameter.

Using the search on the forum, I found there is a sunset events app (don’t know the name precise), but since I am using a bridge, I am limited to the default sunset/-rise.

Any ideas?

Kind regards.

Homey’s build in date an time has a trigger card for “Sun goes down in xx” which you can feed with a value, to get a trigger before sundown starts.


Mm, will check the web then, used to work with the app, and it only shows this (sorry in Dutch), sunsets or sunrises

Web shows something more:
The sun rises in XX minutes
The sun sets in XX minutes

So apparently the minutes is not delay, but a number of minutes ‘before’.

Will try this for tomorrow.


Correct the Homey has less options than the Pro but almost the same is possible

The Pro has a card without time before event but that was because the other card was added later.

Tried the sunrise in XX minutes, it worked (for the sunrise tomorrow morning. Tried it with sunset in 1121 minutes, it doesn’t work (for the sunset tomorrow afternoon).

I have set it up for 30 minutes to sunset, maybe it cannot work with sunset on the next day. Fingers crossed.

These triggers are limited between 0 and 60 minutes before the event. (Inclusive))

If you try bigger than 60 the checkmark to confirm is unavailable.
Don’t know if you can use a tag with a value bigger than 60.

Tried with 500+ minutes for sunrise, the notifications for sunset had some delay apperantly, since they came in after a whole using 1100+ minutes for the sunset event. So I think they are both working for me. Now i’ve set it to 30 again for the lights to go on before sunset tomorrow and after.

Now started on my next project, using azure web jobs, to monitor open weather api and calling webhooks to start flows from there (would like to close my screens based on temperature and uv-index. Used to have this on domoticz. Since they expect snow now, I have some months in spare :innocent:

Edit: thanks for all your help, should/can I close this form?

Can you share that flow? Afaik you can’t enter values larger than 60 minutes.
Or did you use my suggestion with tags?

i trew it away already, but i recreated it for you. I had to do it using the webapp, the android app indeed won’t let me put in a number higher then 60 minutes.

EDIT: i used sunrise time but wrote it as sunset, but you get the idea

EDIT2: it gets triggered multiple times, don’t know the cause of that.

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