No minutes setting for sunrise/sunset "And-Card"

I have written an AF where I need to query a range between 30 min before sunrise and and 30 min sunset. However, I have now noticed that you can only enter minutes on the trigger card and not on and card. I also tried with the “Sun Events App” and it doesn’t work there either.

Has anyone found a solution to this problem ?

(Sorry I can’t do a file upload at the moment because of an Uppy error…:woozy_face:…)

For conditions you never can say if xxx is true over 30 minutes :wink:
That sounds logic for me.

So maybe define new Sun events x degrees shifted from the fixed event you refer to now.

Yes&No, the time of daily sunrise and sunset is fixed for my position, so you can subtract 30 minutes from that to determine if the condition is true or false

Doesn’t it work, or don’t you know how to create it?
Because theoretically it‘s possible, but I didn’t tested it:

(I have only put both versions together in one flow as an example.)

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Thanks for the help, the problem was with the “-30”, now it looks cleaned up like this, and now it seems to work (hopefully) :wink:

You can test it ‘now’, when you temporary move your location on Homey to timezones where the sun is going to rise / set :wink:

OR I test the whole over the day distributed in three steps (init) and then control the rest (trigger) simply in my log (For something I have also written a flow logger).

Takes a little longer but that is much easier …:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: