Sunset offset

I like to start a flow X minutes before sunset. The sunset flowcard only allows X minutes after sunset.
I tried it with -X minutes but this did not work.
Anyone a solution for this?

Do you understand it this way?

Do you probably mix up sunrise and sunset?
This is the build-in flow-card The sun sets in 10 minutes. So the flow is triggered/started 10 minutes before sunset:


So this should be exactly what you need, or do I misunderstand you?

Since when is it possible to select or enter negative times in the sunrise and sunset cards?
I have only the possibility to select the predefined times in a drop-down field. Negative times are not included.

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Since Homey cloud :hugs:

So only with Homey Cloud?
With my HP19 I’m not able to insert my own values, neither with normal flows nor with advanced flows. Only the drop-down field with the predefined values is available for me.

Same here with pro 2019.
Don’t know what’s possible with pro 2023 sun event cards…
Anyone here with a pro 2023?

Just tested it. With the normal flows
HP19 has a pull down menu with minutes. Like, 10, 15, 20 etc.
HP23 has a free field to add the time, he accepts no negative times. So -10 can not be saved.

Not tested with advanced flows.

What I miss is a And-card for ‘After xx min before sunset’.
There is only And… After sunset.


It’s very basic…

You’ll need the Sun Events app, that one is very versatile

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Thanks, I’ve been thinking about that one for a while. I’m going for it now.
Just thinking this kind of basic feature should really be standard.

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Yes, I think I interpreted it the wrong way. Thx.
I will try tonight.


The sun event cards do it the other way around.
That feels not logic to me so I use the Date & Time cards.
On a HP2023.

Failed last night because the wife removed the test lamp.
So tonight another try.

I always use notification cards (Timeline/Simple Log) as well, especially while testing. This way you see the result, even if the device is removed, or broken.

So I mixed up sunrise and sunset. It works now.