Struggling to connect devices from BitronVideo and especially Homematic

Hello Guru’s and first of all Happy New Year!

I have installed two days ago a brand new Homey Pro, so I am assuming I have the latest and greatest version up and running :+1:.

I am migrating from a Qivicon home base to a Homey device. I have several devices from Bitron Video and Homematic.

  • I have installed the apps for homematic and bitron

Ok, my devices (Optical Smoke Detector AV2010/24A and Smart Meter AV2010/25) is not listed but looking deeper in the app information there is a compatibility statement for ZigBee given by Smabit.
As a result I am getting a default device to be switched on and off but I have some concern regarding my Smoke Detector which I want to use later in flows. Is it possible to edit/enhance a device? If not I would regard this as not supported.

A long list of devices but still in beta version (1.18.01). The devices I have tested are listed to be supported, e.g. HM-SEC-SD and HM-SEC-WDS
Nonetheless I am no able to connect at all to any of them and homematic app is giving the information that no devices have been detected. Of course they have been restored to factory defaults upfront and have been in so called training mode.
I also tested the app configuration regarding 'Used Stored CCU’s and MQTT. Especially for MQTT I am not sure if additional steps/installations are necessary but I do not find a place in Homey to do so.

At the end I am hoping that the biggest issue is sitting in front of my new Homey :wink:

Appreciate any support!

Thanks from an older guy,

If the app doesn’t list the devices, they are not supported, regardless of compatibility statements made by the manufacturer. That’s why you get a default device, which in Homey always only supports on/off.

Thanks for the quick response. Does it make sense to request an enhancement for Bitron app?

Yes, you can certainly ask the developer to add support for them :smiley: I think the best location for that is on the Github page for the app: Issues · mhaid/de.mhaid.bitron · GitHub

Will do so but seeing only two devices looks like the app will not be further developed. Let’s see.

But now back to my second point regarding Homematic. Here my devices are listed. Did I make a stupid mistake?
Any idea?

Hi @Jens_Weinmann Jens, the app has been further developed. Current version does not support smoke alert /24 (only /24A), but this will be solved in 4.4.0 (current version 4.3.4).

The beauty is that now the smoke detector can be used as a sirene. So functionality is equal to Qivicon.

All delay in development on Bitron was caused by a lack of support of IAS-zone devices. Since Homey fully supports this now, adding devices works like a charm.