Smartwares motion detector, how to connect

Moving from Homewizard to Homey… most devices work great! I’m still searching for how to connect my motion detectors (Smartware SH5-TSO-A) to Homey. I don’t see them in de Homey “Homewizard app”. Hope someone here has tips! ?

That is the point, the motion detector is not there.

… ah… .sorry, I mentioned the “Homewizard app” but meant the “Smartwares app”.

I selected the SA32P driver for the SH5-TSO-A, works fine cause the signal procedure for all of these devices are more or less the same. I’m using the good old homewizard together with homey too. Perfect Team.

Hi Joka, great, the SA32P works nice! Thanks for your tip.

Another tip regarding 433mhz devices, when they all (most often) is all alike.
Its to not use a bunch of apps just due to you have different brands on your 433 dev’s.
Just use the app with most 433 dev’s already included. It was and i still think it is,
“KlikAanKlikUit” that has the most devices included.
So you only need one app for all your 433 dev’s.

I still use only that app for my 433 dev’s, i have different brands on all my 433’s…

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