Smartwares SH5-TDR-A


Before i am going report a bug to the developer i will try to ask all of you first for a possbile solution.
I have two simple remotes (2 buttons); Smartwares, SH5-TDR-A. (433Mhz)

The Smartwares Homey app should recognize them but Homey is not responding to them during installation. (both remotes).
Even if i perform the installation from short distance to the Homey there is no repond.

So i think this is a bug in the Smartwares app.
But first: Is there anybody who has succesfully linked the AB of this type to Homey ?
(maybe with a little trick / undocumented feature :wink: ?)


Do you have any other 433Mhz devices that do work? Because it can also be an issue with Homey.

@robertklep ;
Thank you for your suggestion.

Yes, i have one (old) KaKu keychain transmitter AB in use, the AKCT-510, which is working fine.
I am also using 2 very old wallplugs of the same brand which are working also fine on 433Mhz.

So it seems that Homey is not the problem :sweat_smile:


In that case, it might be that the device codes have changed and aren’t recognized by the app. I would suggest asking the developer about it.

Done :wink: