Smartwares SH4-99751 not listed in Homey App

Hello, since 2 weeks I have got an homey at home. I also got 2 smartwares sets (SH4-99751). It contains a built-in receiver and 3 switches.
I am totally new to homey etc. Can’t see this in the Homey app. There is a newer version (SH5) in the app, but not this one. It’s 433 MHz. Do I need to do something with HomeWizard?
The lamp is working fine, so the next step is to add it to homey.
This is the set i got.

Hoi Allen, ik heb dit bericht 2 dagen geleden erop gezet. Weet iemand hoe en wat? Ik hoor het graag.

Hi @joost_Cuppes, welcome to the community forum! Please keep it in English, only here you can ask your questions in Dutch.

With Homey you can only use devices that are supported with an app. So when your device is not listed in the app, you can not use it with Homey at the moment. You can request the owner of the app to add your device. In this case the owner is Athom (maker of Homey), so you can request a new device here:

Requesting a new device is certainly not a guarantee it wil be added, it depends on the number of requests. You mentioned your device is an older version, so the question how many other people own such an older device and would like this feature too?

In the meantime I strongly recommend to only buy devices that are already listed for use with Homey. At least that’s my strategy: when I need a certain type of device (say a light bulb), I first check all the apps and devices that are supported. Then with this shortlist I start looking online for a buy comparison.

It will save you from disappointments :wink:

Hi @joost_Cuppes

I can see that the SH4-99751 is the itemcode for the complete set. You will never find this code in Homey (or other domotica system) because it contains more items.
You have to look for/connect the separate items in the Homey app for Smartwares.

I don’t have any smartware stuff in use but when i look at the picture i think this set contains one receiver type SH5-RBS-10A and three switches of type SH5-TSW-A (i think).
To be shure just find the typenr at the back of your switches and receiver.
If the item type’s are supported you have to connect al 4 items separatly to Homey; don’t forget
to give each switch a unique name.

Small tip: If they are not supported Smartware app you can try the same type of device in “KlikAanKlikUit”. They often use the same protocols.


Hello, sorry @Joost_van_Kempen didn’t knew that. First i bought the switches and a week later i decided to buy the Homey, so couldn’t check it earlier.
I have looked further into it. And found these 2 things so i think, the code isn’t correctly as mentioned above:
The second link is from Smartwares itself. @pvkan you are right i think. But i still can’t use the SH5-TSW-A. I will send Athom a mail to look into it and why it isn’t working.
With KlikAanKlikUit I am getting the same results. “Cant manage it”

Did you try to add your SH5-TSW-A switch as a Klikaanklikuit AWST-8800 ?
(install Klikaanklikuit app first)


No need to say sorry, this happens when you’re learning. Good luck trying to add these devices. I don’t have any 433mhz (only zigbee and z-wave), but I see you’ve got some help already.

haha, yeah i didn’t know if i could add them. Am already happy that it works (without Homey). Because our old switch was in a horrible place… Which brands are you using?

I wanted to install it but have to add a receiver to the app. So it wouldnt work perfectly in this case i think. I think i have to buy something else.