Connect Smartwares hardware

I like to connect a Smartwares Connected E27 LED lamp HW1601 and a Smartwares Connected window- doorcontact SH8-90401.
I cannot find both devices in the Smartwares app. I just bought the Homey and I searched the internet for a solution and could noit find any.
Can anyone help me?

Any reason why this Smartwares by HomeWizard 868 MHz product is not supported?

Pls read the blog on that:

Homey’s main downside in this area is the products from Smartwares PRO and HomeWizard itself, like the HeatLink and EnergyLink. Because these products are made by Smartwares / HomeWizard themselves, they only work with HomeWizard, and with nothing or nobody else.

But also read this, how to connect homewizard to Homey to support additional devices Homewizard devices?

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I have the same issue with some old lights, gonna replace it with cheap IKEA bulbs.

On the plus side it will extend the Zigbee network :slight_smile: